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Generate a discussion worksheet based on CNN articles or your own text, complete with basic discussion and comprehension questions!

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  1. Enter in a topic and find articles using CNN's google-powered search
  2. Choose an article - use the links to check out the articles on CNN's site!
  3. Select up to 20 vocabulary words to be listed with dictionary definitions in the worksheet.
  4. Download your worksheet!
  5. Add your own tailored questions using the template questions, print, and go!

Teaching With The Sheet:

General Tips:

The ESL Auto Worksheet comes with fill-in-the-blank comprehension questions, as well as some general debate-style questions for students to get talking.

Confident teachers, or teachers looking for a quick filler activity, may use the sheet as-is, but we recommend the user to check over the article before using it in a class.

Consider cutting paragraphs out of the article to make it shorter, removing excess definitions for words, and adding your own more specific comprehension and discussion questions. The sheet includes template questions to get you started - fill in the questions and answers using the article in the sheet.

As Reading Comprehension:

Consider asking students to take turn reading. Alternatively, tell students they can read between three and five lines.
Students can circle new vocabulary and sentence structures, too.

For a more reading-based sheet, consider adding multiple choice questions based on vocabulary and comprehension. For a more discussion-based sheet, ask students their for anecdotes and opinions on specific parts of the article.
Students could make arguments to convince someone in the article to change their mind.

For reading comprehension, it is not necessary to include all of the automatically generated cloze paragraphs. Consider cutting this down to 3-6 paragraphs.


As Listening Comprehension:

To use the ESL Auto Worksheet as a listening comprehension sheet, choose a suitable YouTube video with manually added subtitles.
Visit or and download the subtitles for the video.

It is recommended that you format the subtitles into paragraphs.

For listening comprehension, students can follow along with the automatically generated cloze paragraphs, filling in the blanks as the video plays.
Rewind the video as the students require.

Depending on the level of your students, a 3-5 minute video is ample for one session!


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